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We're reviewing it and will be in touch soon! Ensure you have Whatsapp installed on your phone as we use this for general notifications as well as job notifications once you are signed up! 


Find work easily, choose jobs that suit you, get paid online and manage your own personal calendar.

Apply Now

Click the 'Apply Now' button below to fill out our application form. The next step will be an interview and verification of your details. You could be cleaning within a couple of days!​

Our Cleaners are at the heart of our operation and we're always looking for new talent to help us achieve the Sparkleen vision. Have a look around the site to see the benefits of working with Sparkleen.​

Get work in your area

Receive cleaning work in your local area this week. Most cleaners find work in and around their local areas.​

Manage Online

Accept work and easily manage your customers in one place, online, using our site.​


As a Sparkleen Cleaner you're self-employed, meaning you can work where and when you want. With Sparkleen, you must have the right to work in Italy. If you are from outside of the EU, you'll need a valid visa.

Thanks for the Application!

“I really enjoy working with Sparkleen. I have children at school and Sparkleen let's me work the hours I choose around that. It's convenient and the online system is very easy to use."


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